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Manitoba Conference & Yes I Can! Awards

In-person Event
Past Event
Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Centre
1808 Wellington Ave,
Winnipeg , MB
February 24, 2023

Manitoba Council for Exceptional Children returns to IN-PERSON Professional Development! Just in time to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of MCEC!

Thursday, February 23, 2023    KIM BARTHEL

Becoming a Behavioural Detective: Understanding and Supporting Complex Behaviour: There is always a reason for the behaviour! This workshop will provide an understanding of the integrated neurobiology of sensory processing and emotional/ relational problems that result in “challenging behaviour”. Participants will be invited to forevermore become behavioural detectives, using clinical reasoning, to look deeper than the surface actions we observe. By seeking to understand why people do the things we do, from a myriad of perspectives, we allow compassion into the equation. This alone changes the brain – but also the mindset of clinical curiosity supports treatment strategies at home, at school, in business, and in all levels of relationships. Participants will learn to identify and discern the neurobiology of challenging behaviour, to differentiate between the sensory, emotional and cognitive components of behaviour, to understand the integration between visual, vestibular and auditory contributions to learning and engagement, and to adopt a mindset of curiosity which supports relationships in becoming more healthy, respectful and connected.


Friday, February 24, 2023    DARCI LANG    
Focus on the 90%: Darci Lang has discovered a solution to help you live your life, do your job, and connect with the people who matter most, to the fullest. Darci has a bold, joyful presence — illuminating the good in audiences' lives with her dynamic message. For 29 years, Darci has been sharing tough love with empathy, creating perspective shifts and having an impact on hundreds of businesses in diverse industries. She helps to transform cultures, employee engagement and in turn, boosts morale and profitability and her connection to her audience is astounding. Darci Lang is an engaging, entertaining, and powerful speaker whose message about ‘Focusing on the 90%’ is clear, insightful and most of all, important.


YES I CAN! AWARDS – 7:00pm. Thurs, Feb. 23, 2023

MCEC Annual General Meeting – Friday, February 24, 2023 @ lunch break

Also featuring: Student Ambassadors, Art & Basket Raffles


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Early Bird Two-Day Ticket $425 (includes membership)
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Early Bird Deadline January 15, 2023  Coffee & Lunch Included

VICTORIA INN HOTEL AND CONVENTION CENTRE  1808 Wellington Ave. Winnipeg 1-877-842-4667
*Special room rate for conference delegates TBA

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