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University of Winnipeg Chapter


Leah McPhail   Leah McPhail is the University of Winnipeg Chapter President and MCEC Conference Co-Chair. She is a 5th year university student pursuing her Education degree in the Early Years stream.
Joy Magtuloy   Hailene “Joy” Magtuloy is a 5th year student at University of Winnipeg. Joy had joined MCEC executive as a student chapter representative. Joy is enjoying experiences as a student teacher and learning more about inclusive practices.
Mikaila Collins   Hello, my name is Mikaila Collins, I am a 4th year education student, and the vice president of the MCEC University of Winnipeg student chapter. This is my first year in a position with MCEC, and I am excited to learn more with the community, create further connections, grow my ability in advocating for all children, and broaden my knowledge around inclusive education.


Last Updated:  14 June, 2024

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