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Elaine Lochhead

MCEC has been part of my professional life since 1997. I have enjoyed working in all areas of this amazing group – conference committee and the executive. I have held all roles and enjoyed them all. This year I am the president of MCEC, a role I also held in 2008. I encourage people interested in inclusive education to get involved with the Manitoba Council for Exceptional Children – you meet vibrant and positive people who also want to support professional learning and celebrate exceptional students. I live in Winnipeg, have three children and four grandchildren.

Joanna Kaptein
Past President and Representative Assembly

Hello I am Joanna Kaptein the current Past President and Representative Assembly member for International CEC. I currently work in Sunrise School Division. I have been involved in MCEC for numerous years, it’s an awarding organization to be a part of. There are many opportunities to attend Professional Development and network with colleagues.

Miranda Ngo
Vice President and Conference Co-Chair

Hello! My name is Miranda Ngo and I am the current Vice President and Conference Co-chair for MCEC this year. Previously, I sat on the Executive as the Secretary for five years. I am currently a Resource Teacher in Seine River School Division and get to support, plan, and learn from so many amazing students ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 8.

Natalie Moore
Membership Chair

Hi, my name is Natalie Moore and I am currently the membership chair for MCEC. This is my first year as an MCEC executive and I am super excited to join this amazing group! I am currently a resource teacher in the Seine River School Division. I am a the proud mom of three beautiful children and can usually be found cheering them on in a gym or rink.

Natalie Hlady
Public Policy

My name is Natalie Hlady. I have taught grades 1-6 in the Agassiz/Sunrise School Division for 27 years. Most of my experience has been in teaching students in a multi-age setting. I have also taught Reading Recovery, worked in Student Services as a resource teacher, and am currently working as Sunrise School Division’s K-3 Literacy Program Leader. I recognize and appreciate that all children are on their own unique paths to learning and growing. Inclusion is a way to celebrate each student’s strengths and learn about how we they are alike and different. My experience as a multi-age teacher has reinforced the benefits of inclusion. I look forward to working with the MCEC and learning more about how I can support teachers in their learning journey.
Kaitlynn Sandulak
Executive Member-at-Large, CAT Committee
A newly graduated student from the B. Ed program at U of M, Kaitlynn Sandulak acts as an Executive-at-large. As a passionate teacher who values inclusion in all forms, the Council for Exceptional Children was a great fit. Looking forward to working with you.
University of Winnipeg Chapter

Leah McPhail



Hi there, I am a 4th year education student attending the University of Winnipeg studying early/middle years. As Co-President of the University of Winnipeg chapter of the MCEC, I have had the opportunity to organize multiple Professional Development sessions. This is my second year representing university students with the MCEC, and I am excited about my future within the organization. Inclusive education has always been an interest of mine, and I continue to advocate for children with exceptionalities through my practicum and work experience. I look forward to completing my University degree and starting my career as an early/middle years teacher!
Mikaila Collins Hello, my name is Mikaila Collins, I am a 4th year education student, and the vice president of the MCEC University of Winnipeg student chapter. This is my first year in a position with MCEC, and I am excited to learn more with the community, create further connections, grow my ability in advocating for all children, and broaden my knowledge around inclusive education.
Emma Van Der Kroon Greetings and salutations! My name is Emma and I am the Co-President of the MCEC University of Winnipeg student chapter. I am in my second year with the MCEC and excited to continue to be involved with subcommittees and opportunities that this role offers. Currently, I’m also balancing being a 5th year education student in the early/middle years stream with the University of Winnipeg and working with students. Through my work I get the privilege of working with so many diverse youths and learning more about the field every day. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!
Last Updated:  8 May, 2023

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