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Self-Regulated Learning

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All students deserve to be self-regulating learners and feel ownership of their successes. In this session we’ll explore how to scaffold self-regulated learning (SRL) for all students in inclusive classrooms. We will consider how educators can establish safe and supportive learning environments that foster rich forms of learning and SRL; key guidelines educators can follow when building SRL-promoting practices; and how educators can design activities and tasks that create opportunities for rich forms of learning and self- regulation.

Leyton Schnellert has been a classroom teacher and a learning resource teacher for grades K-12, and is now Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia. Leyton’s research explores how teaching practices that embrace student diversity, inclusive education, and self- and co-regulation can help build collaborative and responsive learning communities. He has co-authored seven books for educators including Student Diversity, 3rd edition (2016), Developing Self-Regulating Learners (2017) and It’s All About Thinking: Building Pathways for All Learners in the Middle Years (2015).

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