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CEC Manitoba Conference and Yes I Can Awards

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Featured Speakers:

  • Michelle Garcia Winner 
  • Leyton Schnellert

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leyton schnellert

Leyton Schnellert

Thursday February 17th- Developing self-regulated learners 

All students deserve to be self-regulating learners and feel ownership of their successes. In this session we’ll explore how to scaffold self-regulated learning (SRL) for all students in inclusive classrooms. We will consider how educators can establish safe and supportive learning environments that foster rich forms of learning and SRL; key guidelines educators can follow when building SRL-promoting practices; and how educators can design activities and tasks that create opportunities for rich forms of learning and self- regulation.



michelle garcia winner

Michelle Garcia Winner 

Friday February 18th - Assessing Social Competencies Using Social Thinking® Informal Dynamic Tasks

This session focuses on practical strategies to explore ways in which we can assess social competencies, also known as “soft skills,” that are foundational to building an array of social relationships, problem solving, and teamwork. The session uses client/student/patient videos to guide learning about assessment tasks and how different individuals may respond. This information is helpful to all interventionists working and living with individuals with social emotional learning challenges because it shows how to get inside their minds to better understand their learning strengths and challenges.

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